“Dedicated to suppressing and combating forgery and fraud crimes.”

2015 LAFFIA Training Conference to be held in Gonzales, LA from April 21, 2015 to April 24, 2015.

Welcome to our web site... L.A.F.F.I.A. is a professional nonprofit organization founded in 1966 and is registered with the Louisiana Secretary of State Office in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

You can learn more about our organization by visiting the “About Us” and “FAQ” sections of this web site. You will also find sections containing tips to help protect your business, family, friends, or yourself from forgery and fraud type crimes as well as a section containing information on some of the common fraud schemes being encountered today. These sections of the web site are periodically updated to continually provide you with information that may help you from becoming a victim of forgery or fraud.

Membership in our organization is made up of personnel from private/public industry, law enforcement entities, and the judicial system. Membership is not limited to just the State of Louisiana.

We hope you find our web site useful and informative. For those of you involved in the investigation of these types of crimes we hope you will join our organization. The contacts, networking, annual training seminar, and training school assistance fund are positive benefits that are enjoyed by our membership and help keep the investigators of today up to date on the latest forgery and fraud trends and schemes being perpetrated against businesses and individuals.

Unfortunately fraud and forgery type offenses are the fastest growing criminal activity in our nation today. We believe that being informed and forewarned are the best defense against this type of crime and continuing education is the best tool available for those parties responsible for the investigation, arrest, and prosecution of these crimes.

Again, thank you for stopping by.

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